The MRAB: How “Mentally Fit” Are You?

MRAB-equipped Palm Pilots have been taken up Mt. Everest by a team of climbers, who used the test to measure the effects of extreme altitude on their cognitive functions.

Thank you for your interest in the MRAB. The MRAB, or MiniCog Rapid Assessment Battery, is a series of nine short web-based exercises that measure a person's "information processing" functions. The MRAB was developed by a team of Harvard University psychologists led by Dr. Stephen Kosslyn, and is licensed exclusively by Criteria Corp, a provider of employee testing software.

The MRAB differs from traditional "I.Q." tests because it is based on a newer understanding of cognitive competency that is less narrow than the conventional understanding of what constitutes "intelligence." The MRAB tests a subject's attention skills, powers of concentration, working memory, and problem-solving abilities, and can be seen as a kind of "cognitive fitness test," or a "blood pressure cuff for the mind," as Dr. Kosslyn calls it.

You can also measure day to day fluctuations in your mental fitness by taking the MRAB more than once. Most users see a modest improvement in their MRAB performance after taking the test several times.

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